Enlightenment is an ongoing process

March 9, 2017

Enlightenment is an ongoing process Many individuals has the thought that enlightenment is one state. Many likewise trust that when it is accomplished, a man is everlastingly in that state. The accompanying is not a complete article regarding this matter. It is only my very own outflow considerations. My sentiment is that enlightenment is not only one state but rather is a dynamic and continuous building up of conditions of…


Everything about Spiritual Metaphysics

what is spiritual metaphysics
December 9, 2016

Everything about Spiritual Metaphysics Today we are going to talk about Spiritual Metaphysics, along with body and mind our soul also need its food. So to keep our soul healthy we have to give it food in terms of Spirituality. Spiritual Metaphysics is basically mixture of spirituality and physical world. In other words we can say that Spiritual Metaphysics is technique of how you use Spirituality with mental power to…


Best 5 Meditation Mantra

best meditation mantra
September 24, 2016

Best 5 Meditation Mantra As you all must have seen, I not only focus on weight loss and physical aspects of body, but I believe in making your soul and mind healthy. Today I am going to share best 5 meditation mantra which you can use in any meditation method Just like how exercise helps our outer and physical body, meditation helps us in strengthening our inner body i.e. our…


Top 10 Loving Kindness Meditation Advantages

loving kindness meditation
September 9, 2016

Top 10 Loving Kindness Meditation Advantages Today we are going to touch spirituality with different topic related with Loving Kindness meditation. Well there are different types of meditation and loving kindness mediation is one of them. What is Loving Kindness Meditation Loving kindness meditation is all about developing kindness, sympathy and goodwill towards others. If done in the right way, loving kindness meditation has immense advantage which ranges from mental…