Five Foods to Avoid Feeding the Kids before Bed

Five Foods to Avoid Feeding the Kids before Bed

Five Foods to Avoid Feeding the Kids before Bed

Insomnia among kids can arise due to many reasons, but the food is often overlooked as a probable cause because parents think their children are either restless or stressed. If your kid is having difficulty in falling asleep, then make sure you avoid feeding him/her these foodstuffs for dinner.

Five Foods to Avoid Feeding the Kids before Bed

  1. Pizza: I love pizza, and probably you do too. But this food item is not good for children, especially before bed because it contains a high amount of fat and grease. One slice may be okay, but since when do kids remain content by having a slice of pizza?

In addition to fat and grease, a pizza with a layer of tomato sauce has a high level of acidity that may as well lead to an acid reflux. As a result, your child may experience heartburn which may keep them awake at night in severe discomfort.

According to WebMD, the discomfort experienced in heartburn may get worse after lying down or bending over. So, keep your kids of pizza during dinner time or at the very least, give them a single slice. (

  1. Cereal full of sugar: Cereals that are too sweet may be your kid’s favorite, but they’re certainly not healthy to have right before sleep. It is not the cereal that is at fault here; it is the excessive sugar content that can cause a significant spike in blood glucose levels.

Since sugary substances are good in providing energy, having sweet cereal for dinner will lead to restlessness and prevent your child from falling asleep.

According to, eating a diet full of sugar gives the brain a lot of glucose to consume, and high glucose level can keep the brain active even during times when it’s normal for it to get the power down. (

  1. Fatty Burgers: You shouldn’t give your child burgers full of fat content for more or less the same reasons why you shouldn’t be giving pizza for dinner. By now, there has been literally hundreds of research that have proved high-fat food should be avoided for many reasons.

Not only will eating high-fat food make a person gain weight, but they can also experience a significant disruption in their sleep cycles. This is particularly true in the case of children whose digestion capacity is still not as advanced to handle heavy meals before dinner.

A meal rich in fat activates metabolism, which can lead to disruption of sleep as the person would need to take more trips to the bathroom during the night. (

  1. Ice cream: Who doesn’t love a bowl of tasty ice cream for dessert? Even though having ice cream after dinner is pretty common throughout the world, there is a limit to its calming properties that most people do not know.

The reason you shouldn’t give your child ice cream before bed is because most of them are loaded with fat, which is the last thing you’d want his/her body to burn during bedtime. The sugar content will pump up the body by giving energy that is not required when it’s time to go to bed.

Moreover, sugar just gets turned to fat that may cause your child to become obese in the long term. (

  1. Spicy food: Foods that are rich in various spices are often praised for their metabolism boosting properties. While having a spicy Mexican meal may prove to be useful for shedding a few pounds, the same meal may cause you to stay awake at night.

Giving too much spicy food to kids before bedtime is not a good idea because it aggravates the body’s core temperature, causing a feeling of restlessness. Natalie Stephens, RD, is a dietician at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center says that too much spice is also a cause of heartburn. So, go easy on the spices at least during nighttime.



Look, as a dietician and a concerned parent, I can understand that refusing your kids their favorite food might be tough. But it’s a road that we should walk sooner rather than later. Don’t worry; there are plenty of other alternatives to the five foods mentioned above that will keep your kids happy not only during dinner time but also while they’re soundly asleep.