15 Amazing Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

makeup ideas for brown eyes

15 Amazing Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Christmas season and Holiday time is coming near so I thought of sharing some beauty tips. So today I am going to share amazing eye makeup for brown eyes. I am sure many of you must be exited for upcoming holiday season and also you must have booked your tickets for Christmas and New Year Celebration.

When you are going out for party, along with your dress, your makeup also plays a very important role. Right makeup can make you look like princess and bad makeup can make you look like just another ordinary person. So today I am going to share some makeup tips, specially brown eye makeup.

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I am sure you must have noticed many celebrates who are having brown eye like Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba  etc. Even with brown eyes they look stunning and beautiful. If you have brown eyes and you know how to do makeup for brown eyes then believe me you have won half of the battle. The remaining half battle will be won when you will read this amazing ideas for eye makeup for brown eyes.

Once you reach till end of this article all your questions like how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes? How to do makeup for brown eyes? and selecting best eyeshadow color for brown eyes, all this questions will be answered.

Many people don’t like brown eyes, it is not because they hate it but they really don’t know how to do eye makeup for brown eyes and look beautiful. I have seen many females who are dying to get brown eyes whereas there a equal number of females who hate brown eyes 🙂

Now without wasting your time I will share some amazing idea for eye makeup for brown eyes.

1) Choosing Right Shade of Makeup

Best shade for brown eye makeup is dark shade. You can use any deep shade of brown like dark blue, green, gold, moss, mint etc. Dark brown eyes looks great with dark makeup shades.

2) Choosing Right Eyeliner

Another important point is to choose the right eyeliner to make your eyes stand out and impressive. Instead of using traditional brown or black eyeliner you can try some colored eyeliners which will help you to stand out from crowd.

3) Daytime makeup for Dark brown eyes

When you want to apply makeup for day time, use lighter shades like matte foundation and apply some light brown eyeliner and mascara on your eyelashes.

4) Playful makeup for brown eyes

If you have some crazy plans and going out with friends at disco or party then instead of trying regular makeup try some crazy makeup ideas for brown eyes. Here you can try some colors like Ocean or aqua blue, hot pink, mint green etc.

5) Change color of your brown eyes

Don’t get shocked, I am talking here about going under any eye surgery or operation, you can change your eye color with the help of pencil and applying some shadow to your eyes.

6) Smokey Eyes for Brown Eyes

When you want to impress someone and want to give a bold look you can apply shimmery eye shadow at the corner of your brown eyes, this will give you smokey eyes for brown eyes.

7) Brown Eyes makeup idea at Night

Best makeup for brown eyes in night will be using a lighter shade foundation and highlighting your eyes with a dark mascara and dark eyeliner. This is best brown eye makeup when you are going out for a party at night. This will give you a bold and beautiful look.

8) Brown Eye makeup during Professional meetings

If you are a working women and going for an important meeting or going to attend a job interview use a winged eyeliner on your eyes, this will make your eyes look soft still impressive. Don’t try any bold makeup ideas for brown eyes when going for a professional meeting.

9) Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Well if you are attending a wedding reception or going in a party of rich and famous, don’t get confused about using what color eyeshadow for brown eyes. Use Golden eyeshadow for your brown eyes, this will not only make your eyes look stunning but at the same time it will give you very bold and confident look.

10) Mix and match makeup for Dark Brown eyes

If you have a dark brown color eye then you can use a dark eyeliner with a lighter shadow. This will help you to make your eyes look bold and curvy.

11) Multi color eye makeup for brown eyes

If you have medium brown eyes then you can use multicolor shadows to give a multi color look to your eyes, it will give a multidimensional view to the opposite person.

12) Smoke eye makeup for Brown eyes

Along with tip number 6 given above you can use black matte look and apply some gold eyeliner in inner corner of your eyes. This is the best brown eye makeup to make your eyes looks smoke.

13) Uncommon Eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

When you are looking for some uncommon eyeshadow for brown eyes then you can go for Green or Pink look. When you are bored with your regular brown eye makeup, try shimmery green eyeshadow and see the magic 😉

14) Matching eyeshadow and lipstick

Using best eyeshadow for brown eyes with a matching lipstick is one of the hottest trend going on now among fashion lovers. If you have a nice and thick lips apply dark lipstick with a matte shadow and get a gorgeous look.

15) Playing with Eyelashes

If you have a light brown eyes, then you can use pale yellow on your iris, this will look stunning and beautiful.

To make your face look more attractive along with eye makeup for brown eyes use nice makeup on your cheeks and chin, this will highlight your eyes and at the same time will make your face look appealing.

Along with makeup ideas for brown eyes that I have shared above, use a matching lipstick and foundation also.

You can also buy some good makeup kits readily available for brown eyes from www.Amazon.com.

I will be back shortly with more beauty tips and health care diet plans. Till then keep reading www.tipsforhealthcare.com and stay fit and beautiful.


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