10 Best Methods for Eyelash Growth

Eyelash Growth Rate

10 Best Methods for Eyelash Growth

Hello readers, today I am going to share 10 best methods for eyelash growth, this methods are so easy and so effective that you can use it without any side effects.

Though looks very small but still eyelashes plays a very important role in making you look beautiful. I am sure you must have seen many females with less eyelash growth, this not only makes them feel embarrassed but at the same time it kills there beauty.

There are many females who are suffering from less eyelash problem, so today I have decided to share some home remedy for eyelashes growth. So lets start…

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Eyelash Growth Methods

1) Castor Oil for Eyelash

Yes, you read it right. Castor oil helps in increasing eyelash growth. You can apply castor oil on your eyelashes before going to sleep every night. You will see significant eyelash growth in near future.

2) Brush Eyelashes

Brushing eyelashes not only helps you in increasing eyelashes growth but at the same time it helps in removing dirt and dust from it. Brushing also helps in improving the blood circulation which helps in eyelash growth rate.

3) Aloe Vera

Another home remedy to improve eyelash growth cycle is applying aloe vera on eyelashes. Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedy for eyelash growth. It contains various minerals and vitamins which not only helps in eyelash growth rate but also keep them moisturize.

4) Makeup Removal

Make sure you remove all makeup before going to bed. It might sounds primitive to you but if there is any leftover makeup on your eyelashes, it will suffocate them through the night and will hindrance eyelash growth.

5) Egg for Eyelash Growth Rate

Include Egg in your eyelash growth tips diary. Yes, egg is very helpful in increasing eyelashes. Break egg and mix one tablespoon of glycerin, now use cotton swab to apply this mixture on your eyelashes. Keep this mixture for 20 minutes and then clean your eyelashes with cold water.

6) Lemon Peel

To increase the eyelash growth cycle you can use lemon peel to apply on them. Add lemon peel with olive oil and apply the same on your eyelashes. You can keep it overnight and will see some good results shortly.

7) Green Tea

See how helpful it is, you can have weight loss with green tea and at the same time it helps you in increasing eyelashes. Make a nice green tea and let it cool down for few hours, then using a cotton swab apply it on your eyelashes and let it be there for 20 minutes. Rinse your eyes with cold water after 20 minutes. Make sure to keep it away from your eyes.

8) Fake Eyelashes

If non of above home remedy for eyelashes growth works then you can use fake eyelashes. This are very easy to use and safe for your eyes, they are easily available online on amazon.com or any other ecommerce store.

9) Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another method for eyelash growth that you can use at home. Coconut milk is rich in proteins and will help you in getting thicker and longer eyelashes. Use cotton swab to apply this coconut milk and clean your eyelashes with cool water. You can use this method to increase eyelashes growth cycle.

10) Coconut Oil

Just like coconut milk, coconut oil is equally nutritious and helpful in increasing volume of eyelash, you can apply coconut oil on your eyelashes with cotton swab and follow same instructions like above.

11) Nutritious Diet – Bonus Tip 🙂

Healthy diet is universal remedy for all type of body, just like how hair increases with health food, you can see increase in your eyelashes with proper and healthy diet.

I am sure now your question how to grow longer eyelashes has been answered in this post.

I will be back again with more health care tips and weight loss methods in my next article. Till then stay happy, stay fit and keep reading www.tipsforhealthcare.com


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