Top Ayurvedic weight loss Secrets

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Methods

Top Ayurvedic weight loss Secrets

Many people come to me asking what are ayurvedic weight loss methods as they prefer natural weight loss methods compare to medicines for weight loss. So today I thought of sharing few secrets about ayurvedic weight loss techniques.

Compare to allopathy medicines for weight loss ayurvedic weight loss diet and methods are more safe. Many people in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc are following ayurvedic weight loss technique.

Today I am going to share Ayurveda weight loss diet, weight loss method and its benefits. So without wasting time lets go straight to ayurvedic weight loss methods

1) Warm Water with Lemon

This is very simple but yet effective ayurvedic weight loss or natural weight loss method. Here you have to drink a big glass of warm water (not very hot) with lemon extract in it first thing in the morning. This is one of the proven weight loss method.

2) Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tea

Another quick way to weight loss is to drink ayurvedic weight loss tea, this tea is made up of ayurvedic hurbs and ingredients which will not only help you to burn fat but at the same time making you feel fresh and energetic.

3) Heavy Food in lunch

Ayurveda says that out digestion is best during lunch (afternoon) hours so it is strongly advisable to have heavy meal during lunch hours, this helps you in improving your digestion and that results in weight loss.

4) Drinking Hot Water

As per ayurveda hot water helps in improving your digestion and hence the strongly adivce to keep sipping hot water during day time, say every half an hour. This not only removes toxins from your body but will also help you to lose weight naturally. This is another ayurvedic weight loss secret.

5) Experience all 6 Tastes

According to ayurveda there are six taste i.e. sour, sweet, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. All this taste have there own quality, ayurvedic experts and ayurvedic doctors strongly advice to take all 6 taste regularly to maintain your body and to lose weight in short time.

6) Panchkarma

In ayurveda there is a very powerful activity called Panchkarma, panchkarma helps to remove toxins from body and mind and hence not directly but indirectly helps you to lose weight and get back your fitness.

Above mentioned are some of the weight loss secrets which you can try at home or under ayuverdic doctor observation, it will surely give you good results in long run.

I will be back with more health care tips, till then keep reading this blog and stay fit and happy.


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