20 Awesome Morning Walk Benefits

morning walk benefits

20 Awesome Morning Walk Benefits

Today I am going to share morning walk benefits, we all know that it is good to take walk in morning but still many of us fail to do so. You have seen many people surrounding you who are regularly going for morning walk, though it looks very common but still there are many morning walk benefits. I have seen many of my friends and relatives going for early morning walk, they are following this schedule religiously since so many years without any breaks and drop outs.

So today I am going to answer the question what is the advantage of morning walk by sharing morning walk benefits.

1) Freshen up your Mood:

Waking up early in the morning and going out for a morning walk helps you to freshen up your mind and elevates your mood. It will help you to charge your mind before the “real” day starts. This is one of the most important morning walk benefits.

2) Fight Stress:

Walking is the best exercise to fight stress. It has been proved by many researches and doctors that walking kills stress. If you walk in morning it works like icing on the cake. It helps you to stay stress free throughout the day.

3) Lower Diabetes Risk:

Another awesome morning walk benefits is that it helps in lowering your diabetes risk. It is proved that a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day helps in controlling your blood sugar. It also helps you to burn body fat fast.

4) Weight loss with Morning Walk:

If weight loss is your goal, then morning walk is the best exercise for weight loss. Fast walking for nearly 45 minutes in the morning helps you to burn your fats very fast and helps you to go close to your goal of weight loss.

5) Improves Heart:

Walking for nearly 30 minutes daily in the morning will help you to lower your blood pressure and this will help you to strengthen your heart. Studies have proved that this is the best morning walk benefits.

6) Warmup your Body:

A 30 minutes fast morning walk will give a nice warm up to your body, your body will feel charged up at the end of this 30 minutes. You can then head to gymnasium or you can sit quietly for meditation.

7) Prepare To do list:

Well, this might sound weird to you but, when you wake up early in morning you have few extra hours then other i.e. your colleagues, your boss and your competitors. So after taking a morning walk, you can prepare a to do list for entire day and then can relax with a cup of coffee. I am sure no one will tell you about this morning walk benefit.

8) Tone your Body:

If you don’t have time to go to gym or do exercise then a 30 minute brisk walk is the best exercise for you. This will help you to tone up your body muscle and will help you to burn extra fats from areas like belly and hips. It helps in reducing belly fat and gives very nice shape. Check this out.

9) Improves Lungs health:

Everyone knows that air in morning is very much pure and less polluted. So inhaling fresh oxygen while taking a morning walk will not only makes you feel fresh but at the same time will improve health of your lungs and will help them to function properly.

10) Improves your Digestion:

It is proved by research that taking a healthy breakfast at start of day is very important. Many people skip this as they wake up late and hence don’t have time to take breakfast. But when you are waking up early in the morning you have few hours extra and this you can utilize in taking a healthy breakfast which will help you in improving your digestion.

11) Controls Cholesterol:

One of the greatest morning walk benefits is that it helps in controlling cholesterol in our body. We all know that cholesterol is very much important in our body for building cells, but access amount of cholesterol is very dangerous for heart and this 30 minute brisk walk helps in controlling cholesterol.

12) Helps in Positive Thinking:

When you wake up early in the morning your mind is fully of ideas, when you go out for morning walk, the surrounding, fresh oxygen and walking helps you to keep yourself positive and helps you in positive thinking.

13) Prevent Strokes:

Another health benefit of morning walk is that it helps in fighting against stroke. Studies have proved that a 30 minute brisk walk in morning not only improves overall health but it also helps to prevent stroke. Don’t you think this is great morning walk benefits ?

14) Improves Strength:

As you are walking daily in the morning, this 30 minutes morning walk slowly improves your strength. You will notice after couple of months that your walking capacity has increase and you are feeling less tired.

15) Prevents Arthritis:

This is one of the most common morning walk benefits, as we all know that leaving a lazy life has many dis advantages, morning walks helps you in fighting against arthritis and also lower knee joint pain.

16) Gives you Sound sleep:

Yes, you read it right. As we all know the saying “Early to rise is early to bed”, as you have wake up early you start your day early and hence you are tend to get tired at night and hence you get a very sound sleep compare to others who don’t do any physical work during the day.

17) Improves Brain:

Very few people must be knowing that fantastic morning walk benefits, waking up early in the morning and taking a 30 minute morning walk in fresh air helps your brain to get more oxygen which leads to improvement of brain functionality. It increases your mental alertness and improves your thinking pattern.

18) Kills Depression:

Walking fast for nearly 45-60 minutes is consider to be the best medicine for depression. Doctors strongly advice depression patient to walk atleast 60 minutes a day as natural pain-killing endorphins is generated when you are walking and this helps you to fight depression.

19) Helps you to Socialize:

Well instead of sitting in front of facebook or twitter it is very much advisable to socialize in real life, morning walk gives you chance to socialize with like minded people. This type of socialization helps you to stay happy during the entire day.

20) Improves Hair and Skin:

Walking early in the morning and taking fresh oxygen helps you to improved your hair and skin, a fast or brisk walk for 30 minutes improves blood circulation in your body and this result in improving your skin and hair health.

I can still write 10 more morning walk benefits as walking in morning has immense advantages and it is not only helpful for weight loss but it helps your entire body to stay fit and fight ageing.

I will be back with some tips for health care, till then keep walking and keep reading www.tipsforhealthcare.com


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