Top 5 Exercise to Lose arm Fat

lose arm fat

Top 5 Exercise to Lose arm Fat

A non toned arm with uneven fats on it can look very ugly. So today I am going to share Top 5 exercise to lose arm fat and make your arm look good.

I have seen many people concentrating on chest, biceps, abs etc but ignore legs and arms, well I have to say along with other body parts your arms and legs are equally important and hence today I am going to share workout for arms that will help you to lose arm fat easily.

So without wasting time let me share top 5 arm toning exercises:

1) Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is one of the most effective workout for arms and helps to lose arm fat fast. Start with a dumbbell of around 1 kgs and hold them up straight and bring them down over your head, now keeping your arms straight do up and down with dumbbells, take it lower as much as possible and bring them up straight, you will see that you are feeling weight in your arms. This exercise is proven exercise for toning arm muscle.

2) Push Ups

Push ups is another easy workout for arms which you can do it at home or gym and helps your to lose arm fat. This push ups will not only tone your arms but will also make them strong and increase the strength.

3) Arm Circles

This is another easy exercise to lose arm fat. In this exercise you have to stand straight with your legs wide open and your hands straight towards your sides. Now start making circles with your hands in the same position, you can perform this exercise with or without weight. This is another effective arm toning exercises.

4) Chair Dips

Another easy exercise in the list of arm toning exercises is chair dips. This exercise not only helps you to lose arm fat but also helps you to tone by back muscle and increase its strength. Stand with your back facing the chair now place your hands on the chair and go down and bend your knees, now gradually go down by transferring weight on your hands and perform this exercise for 10-12 times and see the difference.

5) Scissors

Last but not the least is scissors exercise which helps you to lose arm fat fast. This workout for arm is very easy that you can do it at home or office. As the name suggest just stand straight with your legs open and hands straight on sides, now bring both the hands forward overlapping each other making a scissor like movement. This is very good arm toning exercises that gives quick results.

I am sure you have loved this 5 exercises, as said above don’t ignore any of your body parts.

I will be back soon with more tips for health care and weight loss, till then keep reading


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