Best 5 Meditation Mantra

best meditation mantra

Best 5 Meditation Mantra

As you all must have seen, I not only focus on weight loss and physical aspects of body, but I believe in making your soul and mind healthy. Today I am going to share best 5 meditation mantra which you can use in any meditation method

Just like how exercise helps our outer and physical body, meditation helps us in strengthening our inner body i.e. our soul and mind. So without wasting more time let me share with you some of the best meditation mantra which you can use in your daily life.

1) Aum

Aum is one of the most powerful word in universe, it not only attracts positivity from universe but it also helps in healing your chakras and help you to become strong from within. It is consider to be one of the most sacred word in Hinduism. Being just a single word, chanting Aum in your mind during meditation will help you a lot and that is the reason it comes at number 1 position in list of best 5 meditation mantra.

2) Aum Shanti Shanti

Another powerful meditation mantra is “Aum shanti shanti”. Shanti means peace, by uttering this manta during meditation you are asking for peace of mind, peace of body and peace of your surrounding. This mantra for meditation is used both by Hindus and Buddhist followers.

3) Sat-chit-anand

Another lesser known but powerful mantra for meditation is satchitanand, this means you are asking for happiness from almighty in all the situations. This mantra is a modern meditation mantra used by many modern meditation teachers.

4) Aum Namah Shivay

This mantra for meditation is mainly focusing on lord Shiva. It means I bow to lord Shiva, by chanting this mantra you are showing your gratitude to almighty. You are surrendering yourself to lord Shiva. This meditation mantra helps in calming your mind, increasing your concentration and helping you to get strong from inside.

5) Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

This is a bit long meditation mantra but again very powerful and very helpful in gaining calmness. This mantra means everyone everywhere be happy and free from any kind of problems. This mantra for meditation will not only spread positive vibration but will also change your thought process and helps it making positive.

So, above are best 5 meditation mantra which you can use in day to day life while performing meditation. Just like exercise include meditation also in your daily routine to make your mind and soul stronger.

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I will be back soon with new articles and tips for health improvement and spiritual progress, till then keep reading and stay happy and healthy.


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