Top 10 Shakes to Lose Weight

shakes to lose weight

Top 10 Shakes to Lose Weight

Today I am going to share top 10 shakes to lose weight, Why ? Because many people ask me easy method to lose weight without exercise or pills.

You must have come across many people around you who are looking for shortcuts to lose weight, so for those kind of people today I am going to share easy method of weight loss where they can drink different shakes to lose weight.

So without wasting time let me give you the list of weight loss shakes.

1) Oreo Milkshake for Weight loss

One of my most favorite and number one shakes to lose weight is Skim milk oreo milkshake. Oreo milkshake recipe is very simple, just take skim milk with fat free cottage cheese and vanilla and make a protein rich oreo milkshake for weight loss. As this milk shake contains more sugar then needed, please don’t include it in your daily routine.

2) Chocolate Shake with Peppermint and Yogurt

Another name in mouthwatering and healthy shakes to lose weight is chocolate shake with peppermint. Well you can make this healthy shake with the help of dark chocolate and peppermint and believe me as it is sugar free it will not increase your body sugar level. To make it more delicious add a Yogurt as topping and enjoy it carefree.

3) Peanut Butter and Banana Shake

The number 3 position in shakes to weight loss belongs to peanut butter and banana shake. Well banana gives you good protein peanut butter helps you in losing weight. Use skim milk and add honey instead of sugar for sweet taste.

4) Apple shake for weight loss

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, following the same principle, I’ll recommend apple shake for weight loss. Well apple helps you in weight loss and also cleanse your system. Blend chopped apple with soy milk, add some yogurt or vanilla to make it thick and eat it happily without worrying.

5) Coffee Banana Smoothie

Coffee and banana have one thing in common. They help you to boost your protein level and helps your stomach to stay full and helps in weight loss. So to continue our list of snakes to weight loss I would recommend making a coffee banana shake in skim milk and add some yogurt to make it more tempting.

6) Pineapple Shake for Weight loss

Pineapple is rich in fibers and hence pineapple shake will help you in weight loss. Mix canned pineapple with skim milk in blender and then enjoy one more drink for weight loss.

7) Raw chocolate shake

I am sure many of you are surprised to see this raw chocolate shake in the list of shakes to lose weight. Well I’ll explain. Raw chocolate is totally different from processed chocolate, it has high amount of fiber which helps you in weight loss. So just bled raw chocolate with fat free milk add some honey or yogurt and enjoy your weight loss drink.

8) Blueberry Shake for Weight loss

Blueberry shake is one of the best shakes to weight loss as it provides two advantages. First being lowering your cholesterol and secondly and most importantly it help to reduce belly fat. Just blend few blueberry with skim milk in blender and your weight loss shake is ready.

9) Carrot Cake shake for weight loss

To make this weight loss smoothie, you will need carrots and walnuts. Well both the ingredients are rich in fatty acid and helps in calorie burning and metabolism balancing. Like all other weight loss shakes, blend carrots and walnuts with milk in blender and then enjoy your drink.

10) Orange smoothie for weight loss

Last but not the least would like to include orange shake in our list of shakes to weight loss. Well basic property of orange is they are rich in fibers, contains low calories and hence will help you in weight loss.

So with this we come to an end of our list of top shakes to weight loss.

I am sure many of you who are looking fro quick weight loss tips must be very happy reading this list.

I will be back with more tips on weight loss and health care, till then enjoy and keep reading


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