Spotlight on Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

vitamin b12 and weight loss

Spotlight on Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

Many people come and ask me what is the relation between vitamin B12 and weight loss ? Does vitamin B12 helps in weight loss ? etc etc

To understand the relation between vitamin B12 and weight loss we have to first understand what does vitamin B12 do.

Whats vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 belongs to B group of vitamins i.e B complex group of vitamins. Vitamin B12 is a soluble vitamin which easily dissolves in water. Our body cycle is such that we throw out excess B12 vitamin through urination.

What does vitamin B12 do?

As said above vitamin B12 belongs to B complex group family, just like other group members it helps in produces red blood cells in our body. Vitamin B12 gives you energy, produces serotonin in our brain which helps us to stay positive, helps to balance fat and proteins etc etc.

How to get vitamin B12?

I know after reading above advantages your question will be how to get vitamin b12? Well vitamin b12 is found naturally in Meat, Fish and Eggs. So those who are non vegetarians are less exposed to vitamin b12 deficiency.

Those who are vegetarians can consume cheese, soya milk and carrot.

Vitamin B12 and Weight loss

Coming back to our main topic, well there is no proved theory that vitamin b12 and weight loss are related with each other. Increasing intake of B12 will no way help you in weight loss but opposite to it, I have seen people gaining weight after vitamin B12 shots.

As you can ready above that vitamin b12 gives emery, people with sufficient vitamin B12 tends to feel fresh and energetic and hence does not lose weight.

If you want to use Vitamin B12 for weight loss, then take proper food that supplies ample amount of vitamin B12, this will help you to stay energetic, more energy means more workout and in this way you will be able to lose weight with vitamin b12.

In short it is not possible to lose weight with vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 and weight loss are not intern linked.

Please share your feedback and query in comment box below, I will come back again with new articles related with weight loss and health care tips, till then keep smiling, keep reading this blog and stay fit.


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