Top 10 Loving Kindness Meditation Advantages

loving kindness meditation

Top 10 Loving Kindness Meditation Advantages

Today we are going to touch spirituality with different topic related with Loving Kindness meditation. Well there are different types of meditation and loving kindness mediation is one of them.

What is Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving kindness meditation is all about developing kindness, sympathy and goodwill towards others. If done in the right way, loving kindness meditation has immense advantage which ranges from mental and emotional well being to improvement in your physical health. Start with your own self and then spread it from person to person. It is also know as Metta Mediation.

Advantages of Metta Mediation

Metta Meditation or Loving Kindness Meditation not only gives you mental piece but also helps in improving your physical health and spread positive vibrations in your surrounding. Today I will share meditation advantages with you.

1) Metta Meditation increase Positive emotion

Studies proved that after successful practice of Loving Kindness Meditation you can see that there is increased in Love, Joy, Gratitude, Pride, Hope, forgiveness etc. This change helps in increasing positive emotions and decrease negative emotions.

2) Loving Kindness Meditation decreases Stress

Another advantage of Metta meditation is that is helps in reducing stress. As seen in above point, once you start getting positive thoughts and positive emotions, negativity inside you starts to get lower and this helps in decreasing stress level.

3) Decreases schizophrenia disorder

Studies have proved that with regular practice of this meditation technique decreases symptomsand attack of Schizophrenia.

4) Slows Ageing process

Along with another numerous advantages of loving kindness meditation, one of the important benefit is that is slows your ageing process. Metta Meditation gives calmness from within along with positive emotions and cheerfulness and hence it will help you in fighting ageing effect.

5) Increase Kindness

A recent study has proved that metta meditation is most effective in increasing kindness and empathy for others.

Along with above mentioned benefits of Mett Meditation you can also witness other changes in yourself like increasing social connection, facing self criticism in positive way, decreases your bias towards others, makes you more helpful person etc etc.

In short we are human being and loving kindness meditation helps in getting back our lost positive nature.

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