10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes to avoid

biggest weight loss mistake people make

10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes to avoid

People are mad behind quick weight loss and do bizarre things to lose weight fast. Many times this madness leads to mistakes that can cost you a lot not only in terms of monitory loss but also you will lose your health.  Today I am going to share Top weight loss mistakes that everyone should avoid.

1) Skipping Meals

Biggest mistake people make in madness of weight loss is skipping there meals. Skipping meals will not help you to lose weight but it will make you weak and disturbs your body metabolism. On other hand many people skip one meal and then overeats at next meal which is again not good for your health.

2) Taking stress for Weight loss

Urge for Quick weight loss in many people leads to increase stress levels which not only affects the mind but also affect body. Stress leads to adrenal fatigue which results in storing more fat which results in more weight gain then quick fast loss.

3) Avoiding Protein food

Another mistake which many people to get weight loss in week is avoiding eating protein rich food. It is proved by research that an adult needs at least 45 grams of proteins daily. Not taking minimum protein intake will lead to weak body, body metabolism disturbance and energy loss.

4) Improper Sleep

Skipping meals, getting stresses for weight loss leads to improper body metabolism and all this affects your sleep. Not going to bed early and not getting proper sleep will disturbed your body hormonal level which will result into fat gain in body. Improper sleep sometimes affect hunger hormones and may lead to some serious health imbalance.

5) Less water intake

I have seen many people who keeps on running and exercising for weight loss. They feel very happy when they sweat during exercise.  The problem with this type of people is that they sweat a lot but they don’t drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. Our body is made of two-third of water and hence keeping water level maintained in our body is very important. In this madness of quick weight loss if you gets dehydrated it will slow down your body metabolism and also affects your brain function.

6) Staying on liquid diet

Another wrong method adapted to lose weight in one week is staying on liquid diet. Liquid diet like juice and soups does not contain all the vitamins and minerals that a body requires to stay healthy. Also drinking ready made juices not only leads to money loss but also health loss as they are made up of preservatives and chemicals. Drinking ready made juice will increase your sugar levels and will also increase your hunger. Please avoid this weight loss mistake.

7) Only exercising

To lose weight fast, many people relay only on heavy exercising. For quick weight lose it is very important that you avoid this weigh loss mistake. To lose weight in short time, it is very important to follow strict diet + exercise, doing only exercising and not following diet will not help you.

8) Low fat and Diet Food

Along with above weight loss mistakes people also do this common mistake of eating ready made low fat food and diet food. This type of low fat diet food will increase sugar level in your body and this will lead to more hunger and ultimately your aim of quick weight loss will not be achieved.

9) Over Strain

This is one of the most common mistake among all weight loss mistakes. People when looking for fast weight loss start over straining there body, they will walk more, run more, will do more home work etc etc. Giving strain to your body suddenly will not at all help you to weight loss but will lead to lose in energy and disturbance in body metabolism.

10) Fasting

Just like skipping meals, fasting is also consider as one of the common weight loss mistakes. Many people fast for days due to one or another reason thinking that it will help them in losing weight fast. Fasting leads to increase in sugar level in body, energy loss, sometime even body organs can dry and leads to some serious health issues.

It is strongly advised that you avoid above mentioned weight loss mistakes to stay healthy and happy in life. Weight loss is not instant and hence should not relay on instant weight loss methods.

I will be back with new tips for health care and weight loss, till then keep reading www.tipsforhealthcare.com.


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