Best Cardio for Weight Loss

cardio workout for weight loss

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

So today I am here to discuss best cardio for weight loss, where you will learn top cardio workouts to lose weight fast. Cardio workouts are consider to be most common weight loss exercise and it increases and improves heart rates and body metabolism which helps in quick weight loss.

Sometime is fun doing exercise watching it on DVD, this DVDs are prepared by experts and they really help you to lose your weight and at the same time provide you good cardio regime.

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So without wasting time, let me come straight to point and start with best cardio exercise.

1) Fast Walking

Fast Walking or speed walking is consider to be one of the most common cardio exercise, you can either perform speed walking in-house, or outside or on treadmill. Researchers have seen that those who perform speed walking for at least 45 mins daily losses weight faster. It is advisable to walk outside to make your speed walking interesting and non boring.

2) Best Cardio for Weight loss is Jogging

Well this is advance stage of speed walking, here you jog (run slowly) with a constant pace. Just make sure that the pace you adapt is comfortable to you and your body.

3) Exercise Bike for Cardio Workout

Exercise bike plays a vital role in cardio workouts, it is consider to be one of the important cardio exercise. Exercise bike or Stationary bike helps you to burn tons of calories and you can lose weight quickly. Just make sure that the stationary bike is of good quality and build so that you don’t slip your feet off the pedal.

4) Jumping Rope for Cardio Exercise

Jumping rope or skipping rope is another best cardio for weight loss exercise, it is very easy to perform and gives very good results. The only care you have to take is to jump / skip on with a good sports shoes and on not very hard surface or else it will damage your legs.

5) Pendulum exercise for Weight loss

Pendulum is another lesser known exercise which you can include in your list of best cardio for weigh loss, you can perform this exercise without any prop and in ease of your bedroom. Here in pendulum exercise you can to move your body from left to right and keep balance on your legs. This exercise not only faster your heart rates but at the same time will help you to burn more calories and also increases your body flexibility.

6) Jumping Jack Cardio Workout

Jumping jack is consider to be one of the most effective cardio workout. 10 minutes of Jumping Jack exercise can burn up-to 100 calories. Cardio Exercise Jumping jack increases heart rate and boost metabolism which helps in burning more calories. This is the reason that you see Jumping Jack is a very integral part of Aerobics

7) Burpees

Burpees is another cardio workout which gives very good result just like Jumping Jack, it gives you full body workout as it includes push ups, squats and jumps. The best part of Burpees is that it keeps burning your calories even after you have finish doing it and the effect last for hours.

8) Kettlebell Exercise

Kettlebell is another popular cardio workout which is done by many gym goers. Advantage of kettlebell is that it gives workout to entire body and not just some specif parts. This results in more calorie burning. Around 30 – 40 mins is enough for one session of kettlebell.

This are just some of the important cardio workout for weight loss, you can try many other things like playing sports like racquetball, basketball, Tennis, try swimming etc.

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