Best Walking to lose Weight Tips

walking to lose weight
walking to lose weight

Best Walking to lose Weight Tips

Hello everyone, today I am going to share best tips to lose weight with walking. Many people around us use Walking to lose weight and have also succeeded in their goal. So today I am going to answer all your questions like How to lose weight with walking ? OR Can I lose weight with walking ? etc etc.

Before you start walking for weight loss, read this book, this book gives clear insight on how walking can benefit you and how it will help you to lose weight quickly and effectively.

weight loss with walking


1) Choose right shoes for Walking

The only thing you need while walking to lose weight is right pair of shoes. Select the best Walking Shoes that are flexible and light in weight so that you don’t feel weight in your legs while walking. Make sure your walking shoes has strong and anti slip sole.

2) Start with slow walking to lose weight

Don’t start walking very fast from the very first day of walking. Start with slow walking and then gradually increase your speed, this will not only help your body to cope up with your speed but at the same time you will feel less tired. Fast walking to lose weight is not the right method, at least not from day one.

3) Drink Green Tea to lose weight

Yes, you read it right, along with walking to lose weight, green tea will also help you in weight control. Along with lose weight with green tea, this green tea also helps you in recovering from fatigue after the walk. This has been proved by Brazilian scientist.

4) Music therapy to lose Weight

Surprised to read above tip 🙂 Well don’t be surprised. What I mean is play good songs or music while walking for weight lose. A good music while walking will not only make you feel happy from inside but at the same time will give you motivation and power to walk more.

5) Find a Walking Partner

Though I have included this tip at number 5, consider this tip to be one of the most important tip for walking to lose weight. A good walking partner not only helps you to motivate for walking but at the same time it regularize your routine too.

6) Be weather proof

Losing weight with walking is not an overnight phenomena. You need to have regular walk to lose weight without any breaks. This mean that you have to be ready in all weather so that you don’t skip your walking routine. Make adjustment with your walking cloths according to the outside weather to stay protected and keep walking.

7) Walk before you Eat

It is highly advisable to walk as soon as you wake up in morning, that is after you finish your daily routine. Avoid taking breakfast or morning tea before walking. Walking with empty stomach will help you to lose weight fast with walking.

8) Fast Walking for Fast Weight Lose

Well, once you are acquainted with daily walking at slow speed, you can increase your walking speed to lose weight. There are two methods for fast walking, first one being taking long strides and second taking small steps but increasing your pace. You can adapt any of above method which suites your body and your walking style.

9) Drink water to lose weight

Walking to lose weight can be made faster by drinking more water in your daily routine. Drinking water while walking with help you to burn more calories and hence many people say that drink water to lose weight 🙂

10) Experiment with your walking track

Keep experimenting with your walking track to avoid boredom and also to see what changes a walking track can make on your body.  Reduce belly fat with walking on steep tracks, in same walk walking on sand burns more of your calories compare to walking on grass.

11) Climb stairs for weight lose

Avoid lifts while climbing your office or home and use stairs, using stairs while climbing not only helps you to lose weight but also you can reduce belly fat with climbing stairs.

12) Use weight to burn more calories

Well intelligently using hand weight while walking can increase your calories burning process and hence walking to lose weight will help you.

13) Arm moment and Swinging

A rhythmic arm moment will not only give you a nice balance while walking but swinging your arm while walking with help you to burn more calories. In this way your aim of walking to lose weight will be achieved in style 🙂

So I am sure you all must have enjoyed above tips, there are still many more tips to lose weight with walking which I will share with you in coming future, till then just follow above tips and keep losing your weight while walking.

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