Top 10 Exercise for Muscle Building

top 10 muscle building exercise

Top 10 Exercise for Muscle Building

Many of my readers complain that I only publish articles related with women healthcare. But it is not true, today I am going to share Top 10 Exercise for Muscle building for men. If you follow this exercise regime regularly then you can surely get toned muscle quickly. In today’s world everyone is self conscious and loves to looks good, this has lead to body building and muscle building among male and female.

Along with below mentioned muscle building exercise it is strongly advisable to take some muscle building supplement, it will not only give you more strength to workout but will also help you to gain more muscle with lesser exercise.

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Lets not waste your time, let me come straight to Top 10 Exercise for Muscle Building.

1) Chest Fly for Muscle Building

I am sure those who are going to gymnasium must be familiar with this Chest Fly exercise. This is best exercise for muscle building. It tones your arm fat perfectly and gives you a well build muscle. This exercise requires a pair of lightweight dumbbells and exercise mat to lie down on the floor.

2) Muscle Building with Shoulder Press

Shoulder press is another Muscle building exercise which you do include in your daily regime. This exercise helps males in getting a bigger and stronger shoulder and at the same time will give you in V shape. This exercise not only helps you in making your shoulder strong but at the same time it will help you in making your arm stronger.

3) Triceps Exercise

Today we are only concentrating on how to build muscle quickly and hence I will share only top muscle building workouts. One of the best muscle building exercise is Triceps Extension. With the help of triceps extension you will get well shaped triceps along with toned biceps. Triceps Extension can be done at home or at gymnasium, it just requires a little heavy pair of dumbbells.

4) Standing Barbell Curl

Standing barbell curl is one of the best muscle building exercise among all. Those who are aiming at quick muscle building can go for standing barbell curl exercise as this exercise directly targets biceps muscle and hence help you to increase biceps muscle quickly. Most of the hunks with big biceps that you see around yourself in gymnasium are frequently doing this exercise.

5) Butterfly with Dumbbell for muscle building

This is another popular muscle building exercise among gym lover. This requires pair of heavy dumbbell and enough space to perform this exercise. This exercise is mainly done in standing position, along with muscle building it also helps in building your chest.

6) Barbell Shoulder Press

Unlike standing barbell curl, barbell shoulder press helps tone up your entire shoulder. Along with your muscle it also helps you to build your shoulder. Another additional benefit of barbell shoulder press is that it helps in building up your chest and triceps.

7) Chin ups OR Pull ups

This exercise requires strong shoulder and arms, as in this exercise you are going to pull your body with the help of your shoulders. Pull-up is how it popularly knows as helps in stimulating your biceps, triceps, lower back and shoulder muscle. Don’t forget to add this in your list of top 10 exercise for muscle building.

8) Bench Press for Muscle Building

Thought bench press cannot be include in instant muscle building exercise, but still it helps you to tone your muscle, give power to your arms and at the same time gives very nice shape to your triceps. Along with this it also gives good workout for chest.

9) Floor Pushups

This is another popular muscle building exercise, floor push ups does not require any type of introduction, I am sure you must have seen many people doing pushups at home or gym. This pushups are easy to do, does not requires any equipment and at the same time it is consider as one of the easy exercise for muscle building.

10) Barbell Squat

Barbell squat should also be included in the list of top 10 exercise for muscle building as this exercise not only helps you to build your shoulder muscle but at the same time it gives very good exercise to your thighs and calf muscle. You need strong legs to perform this exercise.

Though this exercise looks easy to do, but it is strictly advisable to perform it under a gymnasium instructor or under an expert guidance to avoid any kind of injury or damage.

Hope now all male readers will be happy to read this top list of muscle building exercise.

I will be sharing many more such articles, just keep reading and stay fit.


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